Project Pyas

Clean, running water

Project Piyas provides clean drinking water in the artisan’s workshops and homes. Locations are identified where the challenges of water availability are greatest and then water fittings, a pump and tank are installed to create a 24-hour running water supply. Water filters are also provided to ensure a supply of clean, safe drinking water.

Pyas means “Thirst”.

Project Pyas clean water project from Noah's Ark benefits families

The goal is to complete 50 projects each year, providing filter systems in most of the artisan’s workshops.

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Why it matters

At most of the workshops, the artisans drink from shallow-bored hand pumps where the water is prone to contamination. To ensure the artisan’s good health, Noah’s Ark provides water filtration systems in their workshops.

Many homes also do not have access to clean drinking water. Women have to walk to communal hand-pumped wells or local rivers to collect water. This takes a lot of time and the water may be contaminated.

Having a ready supply of water available is also important for sanitation purposes.


  • Grass root artisans
  • Staff of Noah’s Ark
  • Community members, particularly households with women where drinking water is drawn from hand-pumps and rivers.


Since 2011 an estimated 350 workers and their families have gained access to clean water with the installation of:

  • Water filters in nearly 60 households
  • 24-hour water systems in 20 households
  • 120 water filters in over 60 workshops
Running water installed as part of Project Pyas by Noah's Ark

How you can help

Currently, we lack access to the funds required to achieve this. With your support, you can help us achieve our goal.

Per-unit installation costs:

  • Water filter – US$125
  • Pipes, fitting, pump and 500 liter water tank – US$390

If you would like to contribute to this project please fill out the form on this page. You can make a donation or request further information.

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