Home Sanitation Project

Hygienic toilets for healthy homes

The home sanitation improvement project is focused on building and upgrading toilets in Noah’s Ark staff homes because many of them don’t have access to toilets in their houses. The concept of sanitation is very limited.

The main emphasis is to build a toilet in the artisan’s home (where there is no toilet) specifically where there are majority women in the house. Also improving the condition of toilets by providing better hygiene and access to running water.

Noah's Ark home sanitation project toilet - Prahalad

Our goal is to complete between 20-30 toilets each year, giving our staff access to proper, hygienic sanitation.

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Why it matters

Some of our artisans and staff don’t have proper sanitation systems in their homes. Many still don’t have access to toilets and women suffer most from this. For privacy, they often have to rise early (before daylight breaks) so they can relieve themselves in nearby fields. This also creates many hygiene-related issues. The lack of toilets is also problematic for women when they are having their period.


  • Grass root artisans
  • Staff of Noah’s Ark
  • Community members, specifically households with women where there is no toilet access


16 toilets have been remodeled or built since 2012 providing access to hygienic facilities for more than 80 people

Noah's Ark home sanitation project toilet - Rajpal

How you can help

Currently, we lack access to the funds required to achieve our goals. With your support, you can help us make it happen.

  • Building a new 8 x 6 x 9 foot high toilet shed with septic tank, toilet bowl, pipes and water fittings: US$1800
  • Renovating an existing toilet, repairing the septic tank and building structure with replacement seat, pipes and fittings: US$625

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