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Intizar Hussain

Location: 20km from Moradabad
Age: 45
No. of Artisans: 3
Family status: Married with 4 children
Working with Noah's Ark since: 2007
Products & skills: Rope weaving (basket weaving, wire weaving) and working with recycled materials

A sustainable income

Disaster had struck for Intizar Hussain when he lost a lot of money to an exporter in Moradabad who didn’t pay him for his work. To support his family, he joined forces with his 2 other brothers and started working with Noah’s Ark. This provided a sustainable income and with it, many positive changes. Intizar now owns a house and a workshop and is able to comfortably support his family. He pays fair wages to his artisans and invests in regular product development.

Intizar’s workshop is responsible for sample making, arranging raw materials and supervision. He is very creative when it comes to developing new samples, he enjoys making new products by mixing different raw materials.

A woman in a sari holding a colorful birdhouse, inspired by Intizar Hussain.


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