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Better health for better lives

Free health, dental and eye camps are sponsored to ensure artisans and their families have access to regular health check-ups. This is important so the artisans remain healthy and able to earn an income for their families.

A man undergoes a dental check-up at a health camp.

Health camps ensure artisans and their families who lack the financial means to access basic health care receive regular check-ups.

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Why it matters

Since many of the artisans are the only breadwinners in the family, they cannot afford to lose even a day of work because of health reasons. Many of them are paid daily wages, so the negative impact of failing health on their overall household is very severe.

Access to free health care is very limited in India. Our Artisans don’t want to spend money to go visit a doctor, they would rather save that money, and use it towards something else. These choices are very difficult for them to make because it involves their health.


  • Noah’s Ark artisans and their families
  • Noah’s Ark staff and their families


450-500 workers and family members received free dental, eye and medical screenings each year.

By giving artisans access to free health check-ups we have dramatically reduced the overall risk of financial uncertainty due to health.

A group of people participating in a health camp.

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