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Education kick-start

This project is designed to kick-start children’s education and set them up for success. It is run at 3 different locations around Moradabad to provide basic education for the artisan’s children free of cost. School expenses for children of Noah’s Ark workers and artisans are also paid for so they can afford to attend school.

Ashakiran means “Ray of Hope”.

Project Ashakiran school children - Noah's Ark

These children belong to very low income families where education is usually not a priority. The goal is to create a hunger for education at a young age.

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Why it matters

Children are most receptive to learning when they are young. Project Ashakiran’s mission is to ensure children can leverage this precious window for learning, kick-starting their education with basic skills like reading and writing. This helps set the stage for more opportunities and greater success later in life.

While children have access to public schools, there are still many barriers to their success. Even public schools charge a small fee for attending and other school expenses like books etc, hold many people back from sending their children to public school.


  • Children of Noah’s Ark workers and artisans up to fifth grade level.
  • Approximately 250 children were provided educational assistance under this project in the 2017-2018 school year.


200 children graduate from Project Ashakiran each year. These children move on to government sponsored schools where they have access to higher education. Once they pass 5th grade, we have fulfilled one of our outcomes which is preparing these unprivileged children to have access to basic education.

Around 10% of the children who participate in the project go on to pursue a college (university) education. This is an excellent outcome as education is not usually a priority in their families. Many go on to work semi-skilled jobs, earning wages that provide income for their families.

A group of school children participating in a social project.

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