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Anwar Saleem

Location: Moradabad
Age: 40
No. of Artisans: 14
Family status:
Working with Noah's Ark since:
Products & skills: Lanterns, lamps, coloring, Christmas items

How have Noah’s Ark orders impacted your life?

Before working with Noah’s Ark, I was employed by my uncle who didn’t pay me a fair wage. I came in contact with Noah’s Ark and after they saw my work, they provided me with infrastructure for a coloring unit. After a few years Noah’s Ark also established a small workshop at my home to make lanterns and other handmade products of sheet metal and recycled materials.

Working with Noah’s Ark has not only been a blessing for me but for my workers because they pay fair wages, and ensure the working conditions are up to standard.

I work 100% for Noah’s Ark and I have about 6 regular workers and about 8 contracted artisans.

A pathway to independence

I am the eldest of the four siblings (2 brothers and 2 sisters). At the young age of 20, my parents passed away which left me financially responsible for my entire family. I started working with my uncle who was doing coloring work at Noah’s Ark. Even though the work was constant, it was getting tougher to support my family. With encouragement and orders from Noah’s Ark, I was able to save a good amount of money to start my own independent manufacturing and coloring unit. I also received financial help from Noah’s Ark to purchase machines and equipment to establish my workshop.

Anwar Saleem is working on a machine.


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