Project Disha

Vocational training

A stitching school provides free-of-cost training for the artisans’ daughters (aged 14 and above).

Disha means “Direction”


Training women with marketable skills gives them the opportunity to earn an income and gain financial independence.


Why it matters

Work is often hard to find for women in Moradabad because the majority of handcraft businesses are run by men who do not consider women worthy of being metal craft artisans. The young women learn stitching and embroidery, a marketable skill which helps them become independent with a source of income.


  • Daughters of the artisans working with Noah’s Ark


  • Trained around 140 women since 2014
  • 78 women found employment or are working independently

How you can help

The project trains around 25 women each year at a total cost of US$2500.

We use PayPal to process credit card payments. Your payment will go to "The Fair Share LLC" who are collecting funds in the US on behalf of the Noah's Ark Artisans and Welfare Society.

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