Noah's Ark Exports is committed to the well-being of it's artisans and staff. That's why several social programs are funded entirely by the business, rooted in a belief that everyone in the supply chain should benefit from the success of the organization.



Project Umeed

Umeed means “Hope”

There are times when the artisans don’t have the financial resources to expand their work, even though they are hard working and motivated. This causes many to give up and let the family legacy die while others just indebt themselves with loans from the bank. This is a project for grass root artisans where we provide them infrastructure to work independently. During the last 20 years many artisans have benefited and now have their own workshops. Through this project we show to our artisans that Noah’s Ark is behind them and if they continue to be honest and hardworking they will succeed. Capacity building can be difficult because the artisans need to be trusted as your own finances can be at stake.


Project Pyas

Pyas means “Thirst”

This project provides clean drinking water in the artisan’s workshops. We provide water filter systems in artisan’s workshops where there is a lack of clean drinking water. The problem of water has taken a major hit in India, there is usually no running water in India for long periods, which causes concerns with the amount of clean drinking water available. This project was started recently and has been implemented in about 9 workshops and in the next 2 years we hope to expand this into all our artisans’ workshops. The main aim of this project is to supply our artisans’ workshops with water filters and motivate them through workshops/education on the benefits of drinking clean water. Many times people from minority/backward community do not understand the importance of having clean drinking water available. This project is a long term investment as we plan to provide water filters in about 100 different workshops.


Project Disha

Disha means “Direction”

The importance of stitching/tailoring still has a great demand in India. There are people especially women who prefer to get their clothes stitched rather than buy ready made. This made us develop this project keeping in mind the population of young woman. We use our stitching school that currently has 33 females attending as a vessel to create products that are stitching related and utilize these products to provide wages to these females by selling the products created by them. We have not yet started to sell their products as we are developing samples, but we hope to use their skills to help them stand up on their feet individually and be a support for them and their families.


Project Ashakiran

Ashakiran means “Ray of Hope”

This is a schooling project which is run at 3 different locations. The main objective of this project is to provide free education for artisans children. Approximately 220 children are being educated under this project. Around US$ 10000 are spent yearly on this project. The main purpose of this school/project is to educate children at a younger age so that they can receive basic skills like reading and writing. There is a vast economic disparity within the income brackets in India, which creates a roadblock for many young children to get the necessary and or basic education needed to help develop their future. This often leads these children to be classified as “burdens”, through our project we want young children to get the basic education so that they can manage to stand up on their feet. This also encourages poor families to send their young girls to school and keep them away from child labor and prostitution. We hope to develop a hunger for education in these young children attitude.


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