CEO and Founder
Samuel Masih
Samuel has 30+ years experience in the field of handicrafts, he has always taken a great initiative towards artisan welfare. He has given the artisans a new hope to work with trust and follow the fair trade principles. He holds a Masters Degree in Science. Samuel looks for new opportunities to help establish artisan’s identity and value in their work.

Production Manager
Raju Masih
Raju has been working with Noah’s Ark since the year 2000. He has a great strength in following up with the production of orders and samples. He is a firm believer of teamwork and a visionary towards Fair Trade.

Manager of Monitoring & Outstation Production
Shammi Masih
Shammi has been working with Noah’s Ark since its founding. His responsibility lies in travelling to production outstations to control and monitor production and the working conditions of the artisans.

Artisan Welfare & Social Work Manager
Julius Kumar
Julius has been working with Noah’s Ark since 2007. He holds a Masters Degree in Economics. His main responsibilities are monitoring artisan welfare, and social projects. He is the main person responsible for making recommendations about artisan welfare grants.

Accounting Manager
Pranu Kanojia

Pranu has been working for Noah’s Ark since 2006. He holds a Masters Degree in Accounting. He is responsible for our accounts and tracking artisan’s finances.

Export and Logistics Manager
Rama Shankar
Rama has been working with Noah’s Ark since 2009. He is responsible for coordinating and controlling the order cycle and movement of goods. He is also responsible for advising the production team on shipping requirements, communicating with export related authorities, and preparing shipping schedules, letters of credit, and invoices.

Indu Tyagi
Indu has been working with Noah’s Ark since 2012. She has an MBA and her responsibilities are to communicate with buyers regarding orders, design inputs and keeping track of production progress for buyers.

USA Sales
Sherry Masih
Sherry Masih lives in New Jersey and oversees the Business Development side of Noah's Ark in North America. His vast experience in product management, development, logistics/planning and e-commerce has created various new business opportunities for Noah's Ark.

Checking Team
Sanjeev, Ramesh, Bobby, Babloo, Suresh Saini and Jameel
The whole team have been working with Noah’s Ark since 2004. They are responsible for keeping an eye on the quality of the items during production and packing. Sanjeev leads the team for metal production, and Bobby for wood and other handicrafts.

Packing Team
Snyogita, Meena, Bhagat, Veer Singh, Bhupindra, Gaurav, Arvind and Virendra
They have all been working with Noah’s Ark for 5 years or more and are responsible for packing, and forwarding the goods to shipping. This team is lead by Virendra.

Electroplating Team
Indal Singh, Narendra, Lal Singh and Raju
They are responsible for applying different finishes of metal by electroplating. This team is lead by Indal Singh who has been working for Noah’s Ark since 2005.


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